Configure your Hook-Eye camera

Ver. 1.2 in loving memory of Alessandro Crestini.

Please connect your camera with USB cable and SD card on.

Set video resolution and framerate

Sets the length of each video file in loop recording mode (suggested value 3 mins)

Sets an exposure offset over mean from +2 to -2 F stop

Sets the shutter speed for best action matching

Fips vertically the image to allow upside down mounting of the camera

Hook Eye records following DICM standard this parameter sets a 4 character prefix before the 4 digit seq. number Ex. (HOOK0001, HOOK0002 ...)

Image sharpness control

Disables the flashing light when recording

Inserts n minutes of standby between each video segment (default0) to allow long time span segment recording

Enables or disables the digital noise filter

In auto mode the lightning leds will go on and off automatically according to light conditions of the scene when enabled by the panel switch, on manual mode instead they will be always on or off when recording accordingly to switch position

Sets sensor gain to work in specific light conditions

The downloaded file must be saved on camera SD root directoy and named "setting.cfg"

This button will generate a "time.cfg" file to sync camera clock and calendar with current time on this computer, notice that the settings will take effect upon camera disconnection from usb or first power on after SD insertion if yiu are not saving this file on camera directly.